(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

MD 404 Ieva Drāzniece


Loop bracelets are original handcrafted adornments. They are made of a single thread that skillfully entwines into a feminine and romantic loop making its wearer a near goddess. Loop symbolises infinity, it is the beginning of something new and the conclusion of it occurring simultaneously, the continuous movement forward that’s driven by love.

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MD 389 Iveta Deģe

Linen bow tie

Linen bow tie is functional, aesthetic, modern, vital complement a man's suit and a united image of elegance. The product is created in one copy, giving the wearer the uniqueness of very exclusive value communications building. It's simple and easy to use in everyday life and celebrations.
Bow tie is woven from natural linen and combined with a leather strap.
The product is an appropriate pack with flax plant motifs.

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MD 378 Liene Bukovska

Collection of bags ''MINOX''

„MINOX” is a collection which is made inspired by the first miniature photo camera VEF Minox, created in Riga by Valters Caps and produced by the State Electrotechnical Factory (VEF)in 1930s. The camera rapidly gained recognitionamong undercover agents and spies all over the world. The very essence of Minox is its minimalistic and compact appearance which goes hand in hand with function. Tones of retro and futurism meet in this collection: the stress has been laid on horizontal lines and ascetic shapes as well as the product materials – leather and aluminium.Collection created in 2015.

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MD 372 Inita Straupe

Seaside stones in blossom

This summer we launched our collection with seaside stones combined with bronze, silver and gemstones. Stones blossoms in necklaces, rings and bracelets.
The designer Inita made this collection with seadide stones as memory from childhood when summers was spent near the sea.

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MD 369 Inita Straupe

Sun symbol

One of the most inspiring ancient symbol in our works is this sun symbol. We made copy of ancient brooch from 2nd-4th century many years ago, afterwards also pendants, earrings, bracelets, cuff links with the same symbol. This year we made new set of jewlry with this motif - cuff links with onix for him, and bracelet for her.

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MD 367 Inita Straupe


This spring we launched our collection GIANT TREES. Before we had collection with motif of trees – Green.The New Red. Now GIANT TREES continues this line by adding also items for men – cuff links and bolo. And pendants for woman.
GIANT TREES - it is link with nature, wildness, the power of nature.

15% of the proceeds from these pieces are donated to Zvannieku Foster Home for Children.
Material: sterling silver, natural leather

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MD 363 Madara Keidža

Washed ashore

Nature is an endless source of energy, which gives a positive charge to almost any living creature. Jewelry collection ‘Washed ashore’ allows the wearer to be in direct contact with nature in everyday life by enjoying the rush of it. The shape of every creation is determined by unique pieces of wood found on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Each piece has been shaped by sea for decades or even centuries. Authentic piece of wood combined with silver is turned into jewelry.

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MD 354 Maija Vītola


The Hairpin Collection is my view and understanding of the ancient, primordial forms, and the human relationship with all living things.The aim of the collection is to unify fine art with jewellery . Miniature etchings have been made in wood with a special instrument, and they serve both as a decorative element of the pin as well as printing block. The print of the jewellery design is an addition to the overall piece. Though many great artists sought techniques to link jewellery and fine art, direct integration is rare. Collection materials - silver, wood and enamel.

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MD 321 Annika Pokale


Jewellery collection ''ASTRO'' is inspired by the nature form of pattison. Its unusual shape is associated with UFO, which led my mind to wander about bigger things like space. My collection consists of titanium and silver, by using the anodizing technique on titanium I achieved bright colors and interesting patterns. This collection is an interpretation of the colors and patterns seen in space as well as the shape of pattison. Jewellery collection ''ASTRO'' consists of seven rings and a bracelet which are accessories for modern women who want to apply an extraordinary feel to their style.

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MD 314 Madara Lesīte, Dzintars Volmanis, Roberts Strautnieks

Bug Wooden Accessories collection "Armor"

Wood and metal are the basic elements of BUG's new accessory collection. The hexagonal shape enables them to be built up in layers and combined in various ways. The bracelet, earrings, purse, bow tie, cufflinks and tie clip are made of wenge wood and silver details.
BUG's latest collection was inspired by the motifs of knighthood period costumes. The image of a knight symbolises a real drive for life and the protective shell of a noble soul.
With their visually harmonious structure, these exclusive design items allow the wearer to experience the power of armor.

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MD 205 Ginta Zabarovska

adornment collection WE

The designed jewelry pieces accentuate woman breasts – the symbol of mother’s love and eroticism at the same time. The main material used in the artwork is silver. Heavy volume contrasting fine details characterizes the pieces. The breast pieces are made with an innovative approach to the traditional necklace shape.

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MD 201 Jelizaveta Suska

Frozen Moment

I used as a starting point idea of a silent moment. For me it is incarnated in stone, landscapes and blur.I use a polymer material and cover it with marble.Silence is light and transparent like the material I use. The unique combination of these two components creates the illusion of a solid stone.
I question traditional approaches and instead of valuable jewels, I celebrate the idea behind the material. For the rear of the brooches, I use valuable metals like gold, silver and titanium.
My idea is to show beauty of a moment in a landscape or stone-like abstract figures crafted in to brooches.

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MD 187 Jūlija Volkinšteine


The collection "ELEMENTS" consists of ties, bow-ties and pocket squares. The visual inspiration of the collection came from the diverse and magnificent Latvian nature. In this collection we wanted to get to know our cultural heritage from different angle, exploring each element closer, so that we could transmit these emotions into accessories, thus making them more inspirational charms for their owners. The fabric is created using sublimation printing. The photos are taken in unique places in Latvia. Fabric - polyester

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MD 169 Sigita Trukšāne

Shades of Dunes

3 wind knots fabric bags look and feel like carton, but can be washed and worn just like a fabric or leather bag. This unique material is sturdy, tear resistant and waterproof. Strong enough for active everyday use. Handbags are made from this unique material and subtle leather handles.
The inspiration of these bags comes from a trip to Australia, more specifically from the mystical Rainbow beach in Queensland, which is known for the aboriginal legends. The subtle and natural shades of the bags resemble the colorful sand dunes of the Rainbow beach.

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