(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

MD 379 Lita Bērziņa

Swimsuit "LIGO"

As nature invites us to come closer during Summer Solstice, swimsuit "LIGO" was created. The mix of linen, merino wool and elastane fibre was used to make its colours and materials as natural as possible. Its feminine design nicely fits the body of every woman. Side stitches sewn by hand makes it even more comfortable. Swimming and sunbathing while wearing the swimsuit "LIGO" will become more special. It can be also used as bodysuit if combined with skirt or trousers.

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MD 332 Agnese Bule, Baiba Cihovska


The collection "Latvian Dream Mandalas" is a series of graphic design marks made by “Latvian Dream” adaptable to various mediums and materials. This time it has rolled on the dresses of the fashion designer Baiba Cihovska. The costumes suit any person in different real-life situations. It is possible to wear “Latvian Dream” on one’s heart or feet. The costumes are made from knitted fabric, silk, linen raincoat fabric and oilcloth. The silk-screen technique is used in print making.

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MD 317 Monta Zemīte un Agnese Eglīte

Industrial birch

To exhibition Annual design award we are putting one single from collection, because it's special in that it is both sewn and knitted, it looks natural and elegant at the same time. All collection was created, inspired from our Latvian beautiful birch life in the city. Comparing it with female every day life in to the big city. Collections design is made for daily activities like work, some evening event, roamantic walk, shopping or anything else, what need to do every woman, living in the city. It gives natural and elegant feeling at the same time.

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MD 284 Anna Marija Keomegi


This pre-fall 2015 fashion collection “Intuition” is designed specifically for woman and made up of five individual articles of clothing that include dresses, trousers and tunics. The concept of this collection goes round the feeling that awakens when a new piece of clothing is being chosen. From what I have gathered, women are more likely to pick out an outfit based on how it makes them look and feel instead of just blindly following the name of the brand. Female consumers are after authentic, one-of-a-kind outfits that help them reflect their personal style and stand out from the crowd.

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MD 193 Agnese Pundiņa


FLASHION wear are clothes with integrated and hidden reflectors which are not visible day light.
The first edition of FLASHION wear clothing brand offers a reflective vest, which can be transformed in 6 various ways, and a wrap, which is small, easy for use and easy fit in bag for carrying.
The reflective clothing line was designed to improve safety in road traffic and ensure the want and need of pedestrians to wear aesthetic and functional reflecting clothes.

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