(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

RD 407 Anna Fanigina

VERBA Water-Glass

VERBA Glass is a light thin-walled glass for water with a message in Latin – inspiring, reminding or congratulating those who hold it in their hands. The philosophy of the brand is semantic fullness, clean and simple lines, inspired by ancient traditions. The glass is handmade utilising the glassblowing technique and a matt inscription is etched using the Verba font. This 300 ml glass encourages to drink a lot with meaning and ease. The motto of the brand – "adbibere VERBA puro pectore", "take words to pure heart" (also meaning "to drink") – now can be implemented almost literally.

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RD 361 Lauris Allens

"A" Clip

This product is created for opened packages storages simply closing. The aim of product is to replace usual drying pegs with more aesthetic design clips which do the same function as the first one. For example coffee, sugar etc. The design is well-considered, it is simple and durable for daily use. And it`s ecologically clean product, because made from natural wood and finished with linseed oil.

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RD 357 Kaspars Endols, piedaloties Borisam Krutikam, Laurai Kazberavičai



Simple forms that allows modular system - take emotionally and rationally.
Because our desingn is specific - othervise it makes more limited, leaving less space for imagination and fantasy. The specific thing in the world robbing our imagination.

Modular system will help to develop:
1) imagination;
2) Motorfuncion;
3) The logic and spacial way of thinking;
4) Planning and sorting skills!

The system allows to create:
• Doll House;
• Child forts;
• Three-dimensional images;
• Shelves etc. functional objects.

Usage: 3 years of age an up!

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RD 331 BrandEleven un Marts Andersons


The BoardEleven is a quintessence of BrandEleven’s genuine love for design and belief that limitations are only in one’s mind and that conventional rules can be changed. BoardEleven is a prototype of a vision that longboard could be more naturalistic than a simple plank. Board is made of CNC milled birch plywood which is varnished and assembled with trucks and wheels. All finishing works are handmade with passion for longboarding. The board is street tested for cruising and can withstand weight of more than 85 kg.

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RD 327 Daiga Dobre

Portable standing chair "STAND 'N' REST"

Innovative,portable active sitting stand-chair, where human legs is needed for balancing. Solution for those, who need to sit/stand on for a long time.Used materials for manufacture nylon,polyamide,rubber,foam and metal parts.Adjustable foot rest-the opportunity to use it both indoors and outdoors.Audience-people who on weekday need to sit/stand for a long time,people with active lifestyle. The advantage compared to analogue-polyamide.Which is recyclable,lightweight and very durable.As a result-1,4kg chair that can withstand the body weight of up to 120kg.

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RD 293 Miks Pētersons


Do you have time for me? The grafical design of writing table TiME is inspired by sandglass structure. Angular geometry transforms into a user friendly ergonomics, which in combination with a durable birch plywood and oak solid wood provide a comfortable and long lasting use of product. Delivered disassembled to make transportatien easier. Writingdesk will fit into the private and public interiors, for the people who know the value of their time.

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RD 287 Brigita Šļivka

MOVE compact living

Multifunctional compact piece of furniture for small apartments. Furniture in its basic status is connected into shelf, but by need is transformable and reveals hidden features - desk and chairs. Compact, space saving solution that can be applied to meet the diverse needs of one person, - furniture serves as a work station, a rest area and storage.
Material: hardwood – ash tree, plywood, stainless steel

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RD 271 Tīna Zommere

Adjustable lighting fixture "LAMMMPA"

The lighting fixture "LAMMMPA" was designed working towards a practical, original and current design. Moving the shade part and positioning it in one of the angles, you can adjust the direction of the light flow, but with the dimmer - LED light intensity. In this way the goal - to give the user a unique design lighting fixture, suitable for different situations - has been reached. The appearance of „LAMMMPA” is ascetic and is accented with decorative elements and tonal solutions. The lighting fixture is made of lamella, veneered plywood, using rigid joints, "Huglock" and magnet mounts.

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RD 269 Anete Mugureviča

Bathroom Furniture "WO:CO"

Furniture has been made of solid oak sink and concrete shelf,inspired by the latest developments in design and modern technology.Subtle and specially designed concrete structure creates a soft and durable shelf surface,but the oak sink gives visual and tactile contrast with the dark concrete.Latvian grown oak has been used for washbasin.To obtain the right shape,it has been cut in small parts and then glued in several layers,milled with CNC router and then applied with a special finish.Concrete mass is obtained from various ingredients,which then is poured into the manufactured molded shape

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RD 266 Ints Neiberts

Whale lamp

„Whale lamp” is an emotional adventure where the shape and the game of light is essential part of the room. „Whale lamp” has a mysterious charachter and it promotes creativity and imagination.For someone it reminds animals while another spacecraft of the future.
„Whale lamp” is functional product because it could be used as a bedroom lamp and friend of a children or as an opportunity for creating a romantic mood in the room. This is a great way how to things around us we can personalize in such a way by teaching the importance and value of things from childhood.

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RD 265 Ieva Jakuša


In different kind of events, in daily life or just for your own fun we are putting a lot of stuff on our tables. To do so, we have to have one quite important thing - dishes. I present to you a set of bowls called "Galdā" where you can put all your closest stuff. Their aesthetic design goes together with all kinds of interiors. The accent is on play trough it's coarse veneer and smooth, coloured, spheric inside. Bowls are extremely stable and resistant because of the material - plywood. Huge thankfulness and gratitude goes to "Latvijas Finieris" for successful cooperation.

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RD 264 Ints Neiberts


INPULSE is a system of massage pads acting on reflexogene points in feet. These pads actually helps to avoid energy blockages in the body, stimulates the skin’s surface biologically active points and normalize the body’s overall organ functional state.
The main goal in this project was to help a person relieve fatigue and pain in legs.
INPULSE point system has been hidden because during use, it helps to focus more on the senses.

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RD 235 Ieva Pastare


Master work at Art academy of Latvia. Scientific advisor: asoc.prof. Barbara Ābele
„Krāsainie”: clay drawing chalks in the shape of vegetables, fruit and berries. The basic concept of these utensils is the cognition of color through shape. The shape is designed to bear maximum resemblance to each fruit. These chalks are also suited for children with congenital or acquired visual impairments.
These chalks can be used to explore various drawing techniques by allowing to draw a variety of lines.
Both sets of chalks allow for drawing on tiles, pavement, blackboards and paper.

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RD 206 Nora Gavare, Normunds Bērziņš

ZOOM lamp

The lamp is created in industrial style by using appropriate materials – black matted metal. Asymmetric shape adds dynamics to the character of the lamp.
“Zoom” combines two functions: technological solution (Tubes hide the LED lamp-socket) and emotional symbolic (far-sighted, discovery, target oriented). These two aspects include the wishes of the customer and at the same time reflect the companies “Aukstuma Serviss” work philosophy.

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RD 183 Līga Vanaga

"Leons Betons" - lighting object

In order to change the conventional view of concrete as being heavy, coarse and massive, a complete opposite was created – a light fixture which is thin, elegant and “flying”. Since the process of combining concrete with other materials is quite new, the project development included combination of concrete with an additional material – coco fiber net, which visually achieves more natural appearance and fits better within home interior. In the end a new and innovative material was created, which has not yet been a part of Latvian or world design market.

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RD 164 Katrīna Strādere

Berry bowls "BLUEBERRY"

Riga School of Design and Art, Glass Design Course.
Diploma piece, 2015.
Berry bowls “BLUEBERRY” for table serving purposes . The inspiration for the visual concept of the dishes came from the shape of high-bush blueberries. The author’s goal was to create dishes that are sophisticated, functional and easy to use. The bowls are made to serve high-bush blueberries. The bowls were created with a see-through glass in glassblowing technique.

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