(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

RD 405 Mareks Melecis

Cup holder for a shopping cart

Made from corrugated cardboard, this portable drinking cup holder attaches to shopping carts perfectly and folds down easily afterward for storing back in your bag.

The cup holder is designed with two clippings that attach it to the cart, with two additional incisions on the inside of the cardboard that can be adjusted to hold smaller beverage containers. The cup holders can be used in regular shopping carts and most airport baggage carts.

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RD 311 Elīna Kulda


1915 - the project is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the legendary great master of Suprematism - Kazimir Malevich.
1915 - it is a multifunctional composition of furniture, enabling a user to get four items of furniture in one by saving space in a room and money too.
Possible uses: a table and two chairs for leisure time and talks, a table and one chair as desk for a student, "make-up" table, TV table, chest of drawers, ect.
1915 - that is a risk. A risk to transfer a two dimensional sketch into a tri-dimensional object...

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RD 290 Aiga Blāķe


The task was to create a qualification work for glass design program in RDMV. Cleanness of glass, the forms of nature in Latvia and school’s theme „eco-friendly hotels” inspired me of creating glass objects.The name „Moonmushroom” describes glass work shape and the source of inspiration mushroom’s cap – which was the model for glass work texture. The glass works made of transparent and colourless glass for decorative and practical use. The glass mass was blown into handmade plaster forms.

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RD 289 Inta Berga


The collection consists of sculptural objects in different sizes. The objects create strong and varied lighting effects, reminding you of a star-filled sky, colourful flowers or even a peacock’s tail. This creates a romantic and exotic atmosphere for your interior design. Materials: wood and fibreglass (shapes), fabrics of different textures starting from fine lace and finishing with rough canvas with plaited linen thread, and glass (table surfaces).

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RD 238 Laura Krūmiņa

The collection of wooden textile products called “Concept”

Products represent the properties of timber that are integrated into three dimensional form in combination with flexible materials using laser cutting techniques. The initial idea emerges in the context to create the items that are pleasing to the human senses and provide a pleasant tangible experience. The objects reflect a combination of different tactile materials like leather, linen and plywood. They give a feeling of natural touch and offer a novel solution of material selection. This concept highlights the aesthetic aspects of wood structure and enhances the emotional value of the item.

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RD 174 Rolands Landsbergs


BOXETTI / MO has been created as a piece of art. “100% design 2014” exhibition in London was the first presentation space for BOXETTI / MO.
It contains specially designed mechanical and electronic solutions and finishing materials of a high calibre – varnished wood, natural leather, stainless steel.
Arm Chair has compartment for books or mini-bar and a lighting fitting.
Coffee table reveals a convenient compartment for mini-bar or magazines.
TV Stand. Using remote control with an integrated capacitive sensor, decorative panels transform to reveal 55" TV screen installed within the stand.

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