(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

RD 409 Certes Technologies & Charles Busmanis

"Certes" wireless microphone "Runa"

Certes Runa wireless microphone is the result of a close collaboration between Certes Technologies & a designer, the connection point of technology & design.
The challenge faced together was “What would be a wireless microphone what people would like to use?”. During three months we together made over 70 different prototypes, with either big changes or very small iterations.
Certes Runa has two color scheme options – white oak/natural anodizing and dark walnut/black anodizing. Clip and protective screen are electro gold-plated. All together it makes harmony of materials and colors.

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RD 407 Anna Fanigina

VERBA Water-Glass

VERBA Glass is a light thin-walled glass for water with a message in Latin – inspiring, reminding or congratulating those who hold it in their hands. The philosophy of the brand is semantic fullness, clean and simple lines, inspired by ancient traditions. The glass is handmade utilising the glassblowing technique and a matt inscription is etched using the Verba font. This 300 ml glass encourages to drink a lot with meaning and ease. The motto of the brand – "adbibere VERBA puro pectore", "take words to pure heart" (also meaning "to drink") – now can be implemented almost literally.

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RD 405 Mareks Melecis

Cup holder for a shopping cart

Made from corrugated cardboard, this portable drinking cup holder attaches to shopping carts perfectly and folds down easily afterward for storing back in your bag.

The cup holder is designed with two clippings that attach it to the cart, with two additional incisions on the inside of the cardboard that can be adjusted to hold smaller beverage containers. The cup holders can be used in regular shopping carts and most airport baggage carts.

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RD 371 Mārcis Kalniņš

MKLN FURNITURE collection 1

Collection 1 of MKLN FURNITURE is a range of furniture designed with a goal to bring subtle but at the same time fresh and engaging presence in the space around you. The collection consists of two coffee tables, a shoe rack and a shelf. Furniture is made by combining traditional materials like wood and metal with a more unconventional material like acrylic glass. The same applies for the production - hand crafting is combined with CNC production. The furniture is made to be flat packed and easy to assemble and disassemble for storage or transportation.

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RD 365 Renāts Kotļevs


Object of design and functional TV table. Original supporting- sloping legs with fine copper rings and unique drawer with copper facade. Wooden frame and legs are from recycling wood, combined with copper, which gives the object old fashioned and at the same time a modern look. Inspired by the harsh nature of Iceland, the name is after Icelandic volcano Krafla. Table colour symbolizes the solidified lava and volcano. Dark tone harmonizes with copper, but still allows to feel the special structure of wood.

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RD 361 Lauris Allens

"A" Clip

This product is created for opened packages storages simply closing. The aim of product is to replace usual drying pegs with more aesthetic design clips which do the same function as the first one. For example coffee, sugar etc. The design is well-considered, it is simple and durable for daily use. And it`s ecologically clean product, because made from natural wood and finished with linseed oil.

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RD 357 Kaspars Endols, piedaloties Borisam Krutikam, Laurai Kazberavičai



Simple forms that allows modular system - take emotionally and rationally.
Because our desingn is specific - othervise it makes more limited, leaving less space for imagination and fantasy. The specific thing in the world robbing our imagination.

Modular system will help to develop:
1) imagination;
2) Motorfuncion;
3) The logic and spacial way of thinking;
4) Planning and sorting skills!

The system allows to create:
• Doll House;
• Child forts;
• Three-dimensional images;
• Shelves etc. functional objects.

Usage: 3 years of age an up!

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RD 355 Kaspars Endols


The easiest way to get a space. Plugs and it is!
Or may be even easier? Without reinforcement, no additional elements - design itself is seficient! Easy to install and disassemble. Life is simple - lets not make it dificult!
Material: birch plywood.

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RD 352 Mārtiņš Līnis

FLO Switches & Sockets

The new series of electrical switches and sockets from FLO combine contemporary materials, leading technology and stylish design that fit any commercial as well as everyday living environment.

FLO offers an effective solution for architects, interior designers , electricians and homeowners looking for affordable, modern and aesthetically pleasing product.

The FLO switches and sockets will help to provide any project with the finishing touch.

Concrete becomes a source of total creativity for FLO.

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RD 331 BrandEleven un Marts Andersons


The BoardEleven is a quintessence of BrandEleven’s genuine love for design and belief that limitations are only in one’s mind and that conventional rules can be changed. BoardEleven is a prototype of a vision that longboard could be more naturalistic than a simple plank. Board is made of CNC milled birch plywood which is varnished and assembled with trucks and wheels. All finishing works are handmade with passion for longboarding. The board is street tested for cruising and can withstand weight of more than 85 kg.

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RD 327 Daiga Dobre

Portable standing chair "STAND 'N' REST"

Innovative,portable active sitting stand-chair, where human legs is needed for balancing. Solution for those, who need to sit/stand on for a long time.Used materials for manufacture nylon,polyamide,rubber,foam and metal parts.Adjustable foot rest-the opportunity to use it both indoors and outdoors.Audience-people who on weekday need to sit/stand for a long time,people with active lifestyle. The advantage compared to analogue-polyamide.Which is recyclable,lightweight and very durable.As a result-1,4kg chair that can withstand the body weight of up to 120kg.

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RD 322 Aija Priede- Sietiņa & Daneks Sietiņš


KUKUU new product SO:LO is a transformable piece of furniture that can serve unlimited period of life. The original feature - changing unit that usually serves for a relatively short period of life. As child grows, parents can transform a piece of furniture into a kids table with bench that can easily be transformed to a desk reaching school age. We were focusing on the every detail while crating piece of furniture that is both easy transformable and assembled. Thanks to aesthetical design and carefully selected sustainable materials, the user will be able to use it for unlimited time.

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Simple and aesthetic design solution fender, that protects riders from mud, without spoiling the look of bike. It is quickly attached without any instruments or extra details. 40 gr light. Easy fold in 10*6cm roll, that can be attached to bike or keys. One–peace fender, that is unfolded and mounted swiftly– upon necessity, therefore avoiding unnecessary details or weight of bike. It is lighter and doesn’t have any mounting parts. It is easily combined with hidden light, thus making rider easily noticeable. It is die cut from multi-colour, resilitent, recyclable polypropylene under 1mm thick.

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RD 311 Elīna Kulda


1915 - the project is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the legendary great master of Suprematism - Kazimir Malevich.
1915 - it is a multifunctional composition of furniture, enabling a user to get four items of furniture in one by saving space in a room and money too.
Possible uses: a table and two chairs for leisure time and talks, a table and one chair as desk for a student, "make-up" table, TV table, chest of drawers, ect.
1915 - that is a risk. A risk to transfer a two dimensional sketch into a tri-dimensional object...

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Minimal in form, design and manufacturing. Visually lightweight, but stable. Used materials, rustic cast iron and glossy copper, contrast creates interplay.
Material: cast iron, copper, LED

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RD 301 Laura Kazberaviča


Increasingly, people divide things: important and insignificant, serious and light - hearted for work and for pleasure. We want to encourage a small return to childhood, when everything was important, and everything was a game. „PlayPlate” is both a ‘serious’ plate and a creative playground („Tic tac toe”), both for products and for people.

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RD 294 Sigita Muratova

Solid wood cup holder collection "TreeForTea"

There are people, who loves to drink tea from the glass. So this product is like made for them. When carried around cup holder protects hands from the hot glass and keeps the beverage warm or otherwise - the milkshake frigid.
The product links the fragile and rough. Can also combine with various style cups and glasses, but the best of all is to order the holder for your favorite cup.
Cup holder collection are made from ash tree and mahogany, linseed oil varnish finish.

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RD 293 Miks Pētersons


Do you have time for me? The grafical design of writing table TiME is inspired by sandglass structure. Angular geometry transforms into a user friendly ergonomics, which in combination with a durable birch plywood and oak solid wood provide a comfortable and long lasting use of product. Delivered disassembled to make transportatien easier. Writingdesk will fit into the private and public interiors, for the people who know the value of their time.

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RD 290 Aiga Blāķe


The task was to create a qualification work for glass design program in RDMV. Cleanness of glass, the forms of nature in Latvia and school’s theme „eco-friendly hotels” inspired me of creating glass objects.The name „Moonmushroom” describes glass work shape and the source of inspiration mushroom’s cap – which was the model for glass work texture. The glass works made of transparent and colourless glass for decorative and practical use. The glass mass was blown into handmade plaster forms.

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RD 289 Inta Berga


The collection consists of sculptural objects in different sizes. The objects create strong and varied lighting effects, reminding you of a star-filled sky, colourful flowers or even a peacock’s tail. This creates a romantic and exotic atmosphere for your interior design. Materials: wood and fibreglass (shapes), fabrics of different textures starting from fine lace and finishing with rough canvas with plaited linen thread, and glass (table surfaces).

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RD 287 Brigita Šļivka

MOVE compact living

Multifunctional compact piece of furniture for small apartments. Furniture in its basic status is connected into shelf, but by need is transformable and reveals hidden features - desk and chairs. Compact, space saving solution that can be applied to meet the diverse needs of one person, - furniture serves as a work station, a rest area and storage.
Material: hardwood – ash tree, plywood, stainless steel

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RD 286 Elīna Binde-Dzelzīte, Kārlis Dzelzītis

Wooden puzzle "Alfred the Strongman and his brothers..."

Just good wooden friends for big and small active hands!
Your kids will love this great toy and adults too! Alfreds puzzle made of 15 mm plywood and oiled with natural linseed oil. Alfred each leg is the same size as the curvature of the neck, so you can put them together in countless ways. Puzzle help children develop physical coordination and the small tract, train attention, patience and precision. Suitable for children from 3 years of age.
Puzzle available in two sets - 21 and 45 pcs.

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RD 283 Elīna Vojevoda


In BAUDI collection we have created 11 bed designs which can be complemented with our matching bed linen range to finish off the look. The beds of BAUDI are unique through our headboards which, attached to the wall, create a stylish, contemporary look. The headboard panels are soft to the touch, therefore useful for back rest and sound absorbing. Each bed is hand finished by using different techniques and touches - from handmade knitting, hand dyed fabrics to eye-catching geometrical shapes. All beds are available in many color variations and finishes.

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RD 282 Miks Pētersons


Delicate shadows fade as marks in the beach sands. Furniture collection SiGN created with illusory lightness and practical stability. Selected materials, birch plywood and bended metal sheet, provide long lasting use of product. Construction allows to stack sitting furniture and gives variations in color combinations. Collection consists of stool, lamp table and bench for the private and public interiors.

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RD 275 Oskars Lubiņš, Andris Lubiņš, Dana Prince

Portable fireplace Etno

The traditional Latvian signs do not only serve as an aesthetic ornament: they also carry encoded energies that may help balance and leaven our lives. We want to continue and preserve this heritage by incorporating it into contemporary, modern products. The portable fireplace is designed for home lawns or for decorating special events: the play of flames through the ancient signs creates a unique mood. A holder frame also allows for preparing food, and a removeable firewood burning gitter as well as a special heat protection plate (to avoid burnt out patches of lawn) add to its versatility.

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RD 271 Tīna Zommere

Adjustable lighting fixture "LAMMMPA"

The lighting fixture "LAMMMPA" was designed working towards a practical, original and current design. Moving the shade part and positioning it in one of the angles, you can adjust the direction of the light flow, but with the dimmer - LED light intensity. In this way the goal - to give the user a unique design lighting fixture, suitable for different situations - has been reached. The appearance of „LAMMMPA” is ascetic and is accented with decorative elements and tonal solutions. The lighting fixture is made of lamella, veneered plywood, using rigid joints, "Huglock" and magnet mounts.

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RD 269 Anete Mugureviča

Bathroom Furniture "WO:CO"

Furniture has been made of solid oak sink and concrete shelf,inspired by the latest developments in design and modern technology.Subtle and specially designed concrete structure creates a soft and durable shelf surface,but the oak sink gives visual and tactile contrast with the dark concrete.Latvian grown oak has been used for washbasin.To obtain the right shape,it has been cut in small parts and then glued in several layers,milled with CNC router and then applied with a special finish.Concrete mass is obtained from various ingredients,which then is poured into the manufactured molded shape

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RD 268 Inese Lapiņa (Leite) Jānis Leja

DUSIS Rafael

In order to create pleasant and appropriate atmosphere for the living environment, ergonomics is crucial. By developing the idea of multifunctional design furniture “Dusis” it is important to significantly increase its multi-functionality thus expanding the possibilities of its utilization. “Dusis daily bed” can be turned into low, ergonomic seating surface which if necessary can replace table function. This way ”Dusis” becomes more convenient and friendlier also for seniors.

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RD 266 Ints Neiberts

Whale lamp

„Whale lamp” is an emotional adventure where the shape and the game of light is essential part of the room. „Whale lamp” has a mysterious charachter and it promotes creativity and imagination.For someone it reminds animals while another spacecraft of the future.
„Whale lamp” is functional product because it could be used as a bedroom lamp and friend of a children or as an opportunity for creating a romantic mood in the room. This is a great way how to things around us we can personalize in such a way by teaching the importance and value of things from childhood.

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RD 265 Ieva Jakuša


In different kind of events, in daily life or just for your own fun we are putting a lot of stuff on our tables. To do so, we have to have one quite important thing - dishes. I present to you a set of bowls called "Galdā" where you can put all your closest stuff. Their aesthetic design goes together with all kinds of interiors. The accent is on play trough it's coarse veneer and smooth, coloured, spheric inside. Bowls are extremely stable and resistant because of the material - plywood. Huge thankfulness and gratitude goes to "Latvijas Finieris" for successful cooperation.

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RD 264 Ints Neiberts


INPULSE is a system of massage pads acting on reflexogene points in feet. These pads actually helps to avoid energy blockages in the body, stimulates the skin’s surface biologically active points and normalize the body’s overall organ functional state.
The main goal in this project was to help a person relieve fatigue and pain in legs.
INPULSE point system has been hidden because during use, it helps to focus more on the senses.

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RD 255 Ludmila Ekalne


The purpose of our design is creating an alternative candlestick with modest design, using geometric shapes and material characteristics. The primary function of the object is a candlestick or an interior decor.The conceptual idea is creating product's graphical qualities in spatial object.
Candlestick creates interesting light and shadow play during combustion. Compared with other products, this design object breaks the stereotypes about candlesticks. Candlestick shape in a contemporary perspective.Product material is a calibrated metal rod, it was made using bending, welding and painting.

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RD 238 Laura Krūmiņa

The collection of wooden textile products called “Concept”

Products represent the properties of timber that are integrated into three dimensional form in combination with flexible materials using laser cutting techniques. The initial idea emerges in the context to create the items that are pleasing to the human senses and provide a pleasant tangible experience. The objects reflect a combination of different tactile materials like leather, linen and plywood. They give a feeling of natural touch and offer a novel solution of material selection. This concept highlights the aesthetic aspects of wood structure and enhances the emotional value of the item.

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RD 235 Ieva Pastare


Master work at Art academy of Latvia. Scientific advisor: asoc.prof. Barbara Ābele
„Krāsainie”: clay drawing chalks in the shape of vegetables, fruit and berries. The basic concept of these utensils is the cognition of color through shape. The shape is designed to bear maximum resemblance to each fruit. These chalks are also suited for children with congenital or acquired visual impairments.
These chalks can be used to explore various drawing techniques by allowing to draw a variety of lines.
Both sets of chalks allow for drawing on tiles, pavement, blackboards and paper.

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Floor lamp TWO

Lamp “TWO” can be used for reading as well as placing books, beverages and other objects adjacent to it. The lamp has two light sources, which can be varied with the light intensity in the room - the top, which can be used for reading and the bottom, which will be convenient for use at night or in the early morning hours when you need less lighting.
The lamp is made of metal, painted with powder colour and LED lamps are used for lighting.

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RD 210 Rūdolfs Matīss Trops

Latvian pattern glass plates

Glass plates with Latvian ethnic pattern — exclusive element for banquet snack table. It excels the host's prestige and understanding and respect of Latvian culture. The plate may also be used as a decorative element or candle pad.
There are fragment of pattern of Lielvarde waistband used in the plates. As a key element is highlighted the Sun symbol (and its variations). Plate combines ancient wise symbols with ever-lasting, clear, but breakable materials and modern approach.
A large part of the production process is handiwork what is the reason why each plate is in some ways unique.

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RD 206 Nora Gavare, Normunds Bērziņš

ZOOM lamp

The lamp is created in industrial style by using appropriate materials – black matted metal. Asymmetric shape adds dynamics to the character of the lamp.
“Zoom” combines two functions: technological solution (Tubes hide the LED lamp-socket) and emotional symbolic (far-sighted, discovery, target oriented). These two aspects include the wishes of the customer and at the same time reflect the companies “Aukstuma Serviss” work philosophy.

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RD 202 Raimonds Cirulis

KRAGIS chair

TANGO is a minimalist example from a wider minimalist chair series , developed by the Author.

Combined with ease of use and a minumum of high-tech materials, used in chair production, TANGO is a unique design industrially manufactured product example.

TANGO :”wraps” the space arrond it , as it is visually the most active object in the room .

Both the weight and the possibility of stacking , TANGO transportation costs are minimal.

Made of carbon fiber , its weight does not exceed 900 grams .
Despite TANGO minimalism , it's convenient seating.

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RD 195 Toms Babčuks


«UMU» is a set of figures that helps to develop creative thinking, emotionality and intellectual thought for children and adults alike.The main idea of the set of toys is to foster visually associative storytelling — to assign real meanings to abstract figures and to play out various situations and events in order to encourage figurative thinking. This kind of mental development teaches children and adults to solve any question or problem in a creative way, as well as to ease decision–making in non–standard situations.

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RD 183 Līga Vanaga

"Leons Betons" - lighting object

In order to change the conventional view of concrete as being heavy, coarse and massive, a complete opposite was created – a light fixture which is thin, elegant and “flying”. Since the process of combining concrete with other materials is quite new, the project development included combination of concrete with an additional material – coco fiber net, which visually achieves more natural appearance and fits better within home interior. In the end a new and innovative material was created, which has not yet been a part of Latvian or world design market.

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RD 178 Ivars Lācis

table "FX 9"

Oak dining table. Surface made from specially selected oak and treated with solid wax oil. Table legs are sand-stone finish, which gives special naturalness effect.

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RD 174 Rolands Landsbergs


BOXETTI / MO has been created as a piece of art. “100% design 2014” exhibition in London was the first presentation space for BOXETTI / MO.
It contains specially designed mechanical and electronic solutions and finishing materials of a high calibre – varnished wood, natural leather, stainless steel.
Arm Chair has compartment for books or mini-bar and a lighting fitting.
Coffee table reveals a convenient compartment for mini-bar or magazines.
TV Stand. Using remote control with an integrated capacitive sensor, decorative panels transform to reveal 55" TV screen installed within the stand.

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RD 170 Aldis Blicsons, Imants Bisenieks, Jānis Jirgens, Krišjānis Jermaks, Raimonds Tāle, Ričards Litavnieks

Brum Brum balance bike for kids

The design of the frame of the Brum Brum balance bike is not only original, but also serves an important function – it has outstanding shock-absorbing properties and allows the little biker to go over potholes with ease. Aluminium discs with tubeless tires are without spokes, eliminating the temptation to stick one’s little fingers where one shouldn't. The bike is made of plywood, supported by just one stainless steel screw and it has four smaller screws for adjusting the seat height.

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RD 168 Reinis Saliņš

Doe furniture set

Furniture design is light and transparent. Forms are kept in aesthetic balance which in the meanwhile create saturation of space.
Inspiration comes from nature, to be more precise-deer, by capturing geometrical composition, stability and stiffness of the moment.
Precise junctions are designed to create fluidity of form and avoid sharp corners. Such a result can be achieved only through a careful hand craft.

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RD 164 Katrīna Strādere

Berry bowls "BLUEBERRY"

Riga School of Design and Art, Glass Design Course.
Diploma piece, 2015.
Berry bowls “BLUEBERRY” for table serving purposes . The inspiration for the visual concept of the dishes came from the shape of high-bush blueberries. The author’s goal was to create dishes that are sophisticated, functional and easy to use. The bowls are made to serve high-bush blueberries. The bowls were created with a see-through glass in glassblowing technique.

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