(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

VD 337 Ēkas projektētājs – SIA „RR.ES”, izkārtnes izgatavotājs – SIA „Reko GRC”

"Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic" Ltd. signboard on 24 Rūpniecības Street in Ventspils

Engineering building's signboard consists of dimensional logos of the "Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic" Ltd., supplemented by building's facade lining. Rhythmic arrangement of squares and thoughtful accents create a distinctive picture of the engineering building, characterizing its brand that fits the surrounding environment.

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VD 325 Autori: LMS un LDS biedrs Valdis Celms; LMS biedrs Eduards Milašs; LMS biedrs Indulis Urbāns; Jānis Dreimanis; Agnese Milaša (grafika, foto); Vilnis Breidaks; Jānis Lavnieks

The Environmental Design object- Direction Sign System with and without lightning (INR- 1)

The environmental design object INR- 1 is made to solve the orientation problem in environment. Often it is hard to find specific objects and therefore a lot of time is lost.The new environmental design object can be located next to road with all necessary information:name and pictogram of establishments;possible to place other directions, like hotels, shops etc.; possible to use light object with titanium light reflector and with side light guidance.

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VD 312 SIA ROYAL KEY (Reģ.nr.51203049421, Kuldīga, Liepājas iela 11-5. LV-3301) ir koncepcijas satura autors, SIA "Diānas Zalānes projektu birojs"(Liepājas iela 1-1, Kuldīga, LV - 3301) ir objekta autors.

Kuldiga Identity pillar

The Identity pillar of Kuldiga complements Town Hall Square landscape with interactive element to the people of Kuldiga and to the guests of the Town reveals the essence of the Town dwellers,highlighting the historical inheritance rooted in values that support our present and future. 1.facet defines the main Values. 2.facet is formed with a mirror,which while reading proclamations is used for self reflection,3.facet- interactive display which plays a video where 27 citizens reveal the true identity of their Town. www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0tV2bkwBU4 The materials-wood, steel, granite and glass.

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