(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

VD 410 Valdis Celms - saturiskā koncepcija, teksti un zīmes, Jurģis Krāsons - saturiskā koncepcija, vizuālā telpiskā koncepcija un iekārtojums, Toms Skābardis - saturiskā koncepcija, audiovizuālā koncepcija, Linda Rubena - tautas lietišķās mākslas eksperte

Signs Of The Latvian Soul, The Exhibition

The static structure of the exhibition has been created according to the principle of the model of the perception of the traditional Latvian spacetime and emphasizes content and the unity of the spatial exposition and rhythm of objects’ arrangement; in the middle positioning the sacral axis: object of the 3D fireplace and ancient teller’s sung epistle. Around this axis of the exhibition both spatially and audio-visually are arranged the explanation of the perception of Latvian time, space, and internal dialogue. The exhibition has been exhibited in Munich, Luxembourg and Riga.

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VD 382 Jurģis Gaveiks


Unique construction fencing was created for the project: "FIND THE ELEMENT!". The composition consists of the renovation object - Riga Dome church facade detail proportional photographs in three tones and compiling aesthetic technical solution. Photos feature different Dome architecture details such as cornices, bases, walls, plinths, arches, eaves, edges and other parts of architecture and supplemented with outstanding textual message - FIND THE ELEMENT! This message encourages people to find the respective details on the actual facade of the impressive building itself.

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VD 373 Guna Poga

Exhibition Spruce Vulgaris

Spruce Vulgaris is a conceptual design project about a spruce, that can be functional and also symbolic. Exhibit demonstrates spruce as material in design and in contemporary and traditional ethnography. Externaly displayed objects invite visitors to explore spruce from trunk to the smallest details. The exhibition is shaped like a spruce, that comes out of the building volume. It is formed by irregular wooden board texture with natural spruce trunk and continues behind glass. Exhibition was designed in Kalnciema Street square (2015) emphasizing the value of trees in Latvian cultural heritage.

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VD 358 ROJAL Art Lab autoru grupa, Māris Grosbahs.

Art Labs site specifics objects in Roja.

For fifteen years Art Labs in Roja provides a creative arena for artists who are ambitious for their work and open to the challenges of an environment that demands experiment, co-operation and exchange. Since 1997 more than 80 artists from all around the world has participated at Art laboratories in Roja working in : sound and vision, engagement with local community, investigating and reflecting on materials and place, innovative usage of traditional media. As the result town of Roja became a unique place in Latvia with high amount of site specific art objects.

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VD 353 SIA „Westhaus” , SIA „Baltex group”, SIA "Samrode"

Facade colour design and tonal solution concept for the street corner, consisting of the apartment complex on 32/34 Brīvības Street, 23, 25 and 27 Lielais prospekts in Ventspils

The intersection of the Lielais prospekts and Brīvības Street in Ventspils is an important traffic hub on the way to the city centre. During the implementation of heat insulation for four standard apartment buildings, for street corner's construction, an unifying tonal solution has been created, which gives a personal touch to the standard apartment buildings.

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VD 344 SIA „Ziedu dizains”

City decorations "Looking for the goldfish" of the Sea Festival in Ventspils

City decorations of the Sea Festival in Ventspils are thematically appropriate for the unifying theme of the festive scenario "Looking for the goldfish." Decorations are made of fish silhouettes with mirror surface, which are bound in modernized fishing-tackles. While moving in the wind, fish shimmer and reflect the environmental and weather variability. In one moment decoration glimmers as a bright accent in the city environment, but the very next – only slightly shimmers, allowing other city ornaments outshine it.

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VD 341 Didzis Jaunzems, Klinta Pickaine

Stage design for XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival

Stage design XI Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival is designed for 30 000 people audience of children and youngsters. Its artistic concept is based on overall festival idea of magic of letters and books ant it also creates link with the new Latvian National Library – Glass Mountain. The stage is designed as a children pop-up book in which when opened a stepping mountain comes out. Behind the white fabric in all levels are hidden screens for video projections.

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VD 339 Didzis Jaunzems, Ervīns Gorelovs

Scenography for „ Where Spirits Meet with Sensations”

The concert performance „Where Spirits Meet with Sensations” has been created to honor Latvian writers Rainis and Aspazija in their 150 year anniversary. Performance reveals meeting story and relationship crossroads of Rainis and Aspazija. Scenography through symbols and metaphors highlights creative path of the writers, their expectations and doubts, mutual relationship importance in literal lives. Video and light projections create atmospheres for letter conversations and played fragments of both genius idea dramas.

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VD 337 Ēkas projektētājs – SIA „RR.ES”, izkārtnes izgatavotājs – SIA „Reko GRC”

"Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic" Ltd. signboard on 24 Rūpniecības Street in Ventspils

Engineering building's signboard consists of dimensional logos of the "Hydraulik Bauteile Baltic" Ltd., supplemented by building's facade lining. Rhythmic arrangement of squares and thoughtful accents create a distinctive picture of the engineering building, characterizing its brand that fits the surrounding environment.

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VD 333 Didzis Jaunzems, Paula Bloma, Ervīns Gorelovs

Scenography for Grand Music Award 2014

Scenography for the Grand Music Award 2014 ceremony is designed as an art installation that together with light and video projections creates overall playful atmosphere of the event. Musicians are integrated in artificial landscape of illusory depth. The stage depth of 20 meters has been doubled by accurately placing mirror wall at the back of the installation. It makes a visual trick of continuous perspective outside of opera house walls. The installation is made of 3000 small plastic balloon elements with different level of transparency that creates different light and color reactions.

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VD 325 Autori: LMS un LDS biedrs Valdis Celms; LMS biedrs Eduards Milašs; LMS biedrs Indulis Urbāns; Jānis Dreimanis; Agnese Milaša (grafika, foto); Vilnis Breidaks; Jānis Lavnieks

The Environmental Design object- Direction Sign System with and without lightning (INR- 1)

The environmental design object INR- 1 is made to solve the orientation problem in environment. Often it is hard to find specific objects and therefore a lot of time is lost.The new environmental design object can be located next to road with all necessary information:name and pictogram of establishments;possible to place other directions, like hotels, shops etc.; possible to use light object with titanium light reflector and with side light guidance.

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VD 323 arhitektu birojs „Nams”

Street gymnastics field at 5 Sporta Street in Ventspils

Street gymnastics field has been created after the suggestion of the participants of the Ventspils street gymnastics movement. The field is suitable for both everyday trainings of the street gymnasts, as well as international competitions. During the development of the project, the recommendations of the Latvian street gymnastics society on the equipment functionality and aesthetics has been taken into account. Street gymnastics field is designed as a part of the Olympic Centre "Ventspils" complex and it harmoniously fits into the environment, while creating its own unique identity.

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VD 313 Paulis Liepa

Supergraphics by Paulis Liepa on the Riga Dome tower reconstruction protective nets

The supergraphics by Paulis Liepa on the Riga Dome tower reconstruction protective nets are among the most visual signs in the city’s public space. However, the drawings are not only aesthetic objects, they perform a practical function and strengthen the church tower as a visually noticeable and semantically charged building.
In creating the supergraphics, Paulis does not refer directly to the history of Riga Dome, but he takes into account the sacral meaning of the building. Realized by construction company “Arčers” (main designer Jurģis Gaveiks).

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VD 312 SIA ROYAL KEY (Reģ.nr.51203049421, Kuldīga, Liepājas iela 11-5. LV-3301) ir koncepcijas satura autors, SIA "Diānas Zalānes projektu birojs"(Liepājas iela 1-1, Kuldīga, LV - 3301) ir objekta autors.

Kuldiga Identity pillar

The Identity pillar of Kuldiga complements Town Hall Square landscape with interactive element to the people of Kuldiga and to the guests of the Town reveals the essence of the Town dwellers,highlighting the historical inheritance rooted in values that support our present and future. 1.facet defines the main Values. 2.facet is formed with a mirror,which while reading proclamations is used for self reflection,3.facet- interactive display which plays a video where 27 citizens reveal the true identity of their Town. www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0tV2bkwBU4 The materials-wood, steel, granite and glass.

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VD 304 Didzis Jaunzems, Klinta Pickaine, Ernests Šveisbergs

Installation for The Baltic Way 25th anniversary

The Baltic Way was a peaceful political demonstration in August 23, 1989. For the 25th Baltic Way anniversary event an installation at the Statue of Liberty square was designed. A lifted background wall links together stage, screen, speech podium and the monument and gives a spatial depth to the square. The wall is made of vertical side by side placed elements that symbolize togetherness. Kinetic elements swing in the wind and create area for light projections. To explain the national membership of event speakers and music, Baltic State flag colors were projected on the kinetic wall.

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VD 273 Oskars Lubiņš, Andris Lubiņš, Dana Prince

Portable trade stand

The main purpose of the trade stand's hexagon shape is to best bring out the products placed on it. The stable construction of U-shape steel profiles can hold organic glass, plastic or other types of plates; these can be removed to easily change the trade stand set-up. The metal structure is coated with structured polymer paint and easily put together with bolt-type fasteners, very compact when folded and easy to transport and store. It can be widened or extended, and, while primarily designed as a trade stand or kiosk, also serves great as a garden arbour, a grillhouse or as a tent.

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The "Dzīvžogs"

Mr. Neilands decided to propose the director of the school (also known as Sandra Sīle) treatment of the trees that had been previously severely harmed. So Mr.Neilands wrote the pilot and looked for support. Project title: “CROWN FORMATION OF PREVIOUSLY TOPPED LINDEN TREES”. To put it short - it is an offer to turn the severely damaged, topped trees that have become a problem for both the city and society into something worthwhile.

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VD 199 Dr.sc.comp. Mārtiņš Gills

Auce Sun Clock

The sun clock is a dedication to inhabitants of Auce region, to commonwealth partners of Auce region and to musical traditions of the region. Its central element is the symbol of the region in a form of post office horn, designed as a set of parallel planes ensuring variable transparency from different angles. It was created in the central part of Auce. The shape and location of the sun clock is designed according to astronomical calculations to show the correct time in sunny weather.

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VD 198 Dace Baidekalne

Decorative facade painting

The preschool educational institution at 32 Purvciema Street, Riga. The concept-Birds is adding more colorful accents to the neighborhoods’ green environment. Inspiration-children like little birds raised underneath mothers’ wing and flying off into the big world, memories of sunny times in kindergarten. Object is characterized by bright color spectrum, graphical line mesh. Neighboring terrain of the building is green with lots of trees and painting with used contrasting colors adds harmony to the environment. Materials:rock wool, 2.0 mm decorative stucco coating, Baumit colors, welded seam.

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VD 197 Dace Baidekalne

Decorative facade painting

The preschool educational institution is located at 8 Lidoņu Street, Riga. The concept of author’s work The Lodge is to visually transform the 1. floor windows and base creating a 3 dimensional effect. Visually the buildings doors and windows become the doors and windows of the painted lodge. The facade gains a scale that is more understandable for children, even shifts into a playground element, adding a colorful fairytale feeling to the environment. The intense color tone gives a graphical solution. Method: insulation–rock wool, 2.0 mm decorative stucco coating, painted with Baumit paints.

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VD 196 Dace Baidekalne

Decorative facade painting

The preschool educational institution is located at 18 Tomsona Street, Riga. The concept of author’s work “The City” is adding some of the most recognizable and memorable buildings in Riga. Graphically saturated painting in pastel tones is added to create a harmony between the building and the surrounding environment. Method: insulation–rock wool, 2.0 mm decorative stucco coating, painted with Baumit paints. The main challenge is transferring the drawing from the blueprint on to the building, mostly with horizontal lines, to create a 3D view of recognizable buildings from multiple viewpoints.

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Visionary structures. Exhibitions in LNB Riga and Bozar Brussels

Exhibition by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art “Visionary Structures. From Ioganson to Johansons” first took place in LNB in Riga, and after that in Bozar arts centre in Brussels. The exhibition scenography by architecture studio GAISS and the graphic design by RIJADA had to create a strong, unifying, yet neutral background for the work of 7 Latvian avant-guarde artists for exhibiting in both modern and art-deco style spaces. The dark surfaces and minimal typography gives depth and creates an abstract space, where the various conceptual structures can further develop.

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VD 191 WARP, Reinis Adovičs

[ERASMUS]+ interactive installation

The installation is a question, part of Erasmus+ informative campaign social content.
One can decide to climb for knowledge or pass by, what will you?
How crucial is it to act and demand knowledge? Not just observing, but by reaching up even more? What does collectivism bring in the process? How is collaborative learning and competition compatible?
Do and how individuals change along the process? Is any potential energy gained and if so - does it translate into acceleration down the road?
Visual data is real time parametric/algorithmic design that depends on user action and lack of it.

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VD 189 Johanna Jöekalda, Johan Tali, Siim Tuksam, Reinis Adovičs, WARP

INTERSPACE - Estonian National Exhibition at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition - la Biennale di Venezia

In the contemporary society public space is defined by a collection of behaviours in both physical and digital sphere. Connection with the public domain is established through real-time data flows, internet of things. Big data, personalisation, instant participation are shaping an open ideology accompanied by a set of new architectural fundamentals. Exhibition explores if, why and how the physical space needs to incorporate the notion of its digital counterpart.
Visual data is real time parametric design that happens both in physical as well as digital space. The space serves as medium.

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VD 173 Uģis Šēnbergs, Dace Vigule

Open-air stage Dikli

Nature Concert Hall is made of conscious ecological construction, using natural renewable elements and materials. Site’s unique acoustic properties made with water mirror, wooden constructions, existing park plantings, terraces and slopes. Stage and amphitheater includes the idea of multifunctionality. The stage can be transformed using the Song Celebration events and daily cultural events. Transformable podium grand performance, horizontal floor with a portal and screen performances and open-air concerts.

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