(LV) GBD 2015 Iesniegto darbu galerija

ID 406 Interjera arhitektūras birojs Annvil.lv

Bar - i`BAR

i`BAR interior concept is based on Apple’s first logo, which featured Isaac Newton sitting under the apple tree where he supposedly discovered gravity, by an apple falling on his head. In i`BAR, the gravity inverses or becomes weightless, creating a central concept, which manipulates the visual perception of the usual order of things. Constructions, furniture and design elements create a visual simulation where one object does not intervene with other objects.

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ID 403 Evija Ķirsone -Slavinska

"Kirsons" store - cafe

The project was designed on the basis of the order made by JSC LIDO.
The object is located on the 1st floor of the shopping centre GALLERIJA RĪGA and was implemented on 26.06.2015.The total area of the object 60.90 m2
Interior is developed by taking into account two key conditions. Showing respect to the technological planning developed by LIDO, which complies with the business model - store.Considering the associations of the customer of LIDO - interior, which is developed from natural materials: massive wood panelling, woodcarvings made by craftsmen and hand-painted details on wall.

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ID 402 Artūrs Martinsons, Annija Straume

Fabrikas restaurant

The aim of the reconstruction was to improve and refresh the functional and conceptual solution of the restaurant premises while preserving the hallmarks of the initial interior and reflecting the presence of the Gypsum factory. Openable vitrines enlarge the premises and interact with the setting of Ķīpsala.Design furniture elegance interlaces with monochrome tonality and contrasts with robust interior elements.The restaurant’s interior is complemented by selected materials and tailor-designed details. Project of vitrines by M. Pīlēns, metal work by „12.novembris”, wall paintings by I. Ekmane.

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ID 400 Alīna Dukāte

The secret is in the detail

Аpartments in Riga for young couple. The initial and primary goal of the project was wall redevelopment to change the functional space. The concept is - use of natural materials. Scandinavian style and minimalism elements were used as basic of the interior. Interior reflects host's lifestyle: young people who often travel; that’s why the peaceful atmosphere was created – to feel calm and to get new energy after returning home. The interior is also enriched with bright accents not allowing young people to get bored for long time.

The project completed in December 2014.
Development: BV Būve

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ID 398 Larisa Pomeščikova


The mansion features a characteristic Jūrmala’ style. Main interior design guidelines: à la art nouveau featuring respective characteristic ornaments, colours, images, decors, stained glass, curves of arch, ornamental parquet and plank floors, ceramics and stone or other finish materials.
All project design, in its own way, is like a variation of modernism.

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ID 392 Ausma Ķibilde

Jauna Teika

Here you sleep, grow, get inspired, spend time with those that are close to you. Here you are enriched, you develop, and get ready for a new day. We have built our building on a site where fearless, creative and open minds have been active for a long time. Fresh and new innovations have sprung up all around here – this is one of the most inspiring places in Riga.
This is the place where you are created – a clever, dynamic city-dweller with your finger on the pulse, creating, working, living and enjoying yourself. Jaunā Teika is about you - people with drive, dreams, intelligence and talent.

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ID 366 Madara Līviņa Aišpure

Gemoss coffee studio

Interior design was developed for Gemoss new coffee studio headquarters. It is a 2 storey building with an emphasis on the ground floor. A new layout was introduced, dividing space into 3 zones - to exhibit equipment and products, to hold business meetings in an informal ambiance and to conduct barista training sessions and presentations.
Thoroughly selected colour palette and interior items are the key elements of achieving cozy atmosphere. The furniture was handcrafted from new and old elements, inspired from the saturated colours, patterns and materials of the birthplace of coffee.

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ID 345 Natālija Mitina

Interior design of the private house in Jurmala

The project involves the development of a country house for the family of 4 persons. All necessary areas and premises have been provided by architectural project. The project of the interior design has only slightly modified the size and configuration of some rooms. On the ground floor there common areas – entrance hall, kitchen, living room, dining room and office, which can be used as a guest bedroom, and guest bathroom. On the 1st floor there are 2 nurseries, guest bedroom, bathroom, leading out into the hall.

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ID 342 Katrīna Stirna un Santa Meikulāne

Gastronome restaurant un sea-food bar

RESTAURANT, SEAFOOD BAR – restaurant and sea food bar that offers premium quality produce, both from local and international producers. Object is located in the active business and shopping district with its display windows facing the main city’s boulevard – Brivibas Street. Complex consists of a restaurant with a Sea Food bar, an extensive kitchen and technical facilities. While developing the concept, an idea was born – as the main items in this place are delicacies, then the only graphically decorative element can be placed on the floor tiles.

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ID 338 Santa Meikulāne


The concept for the interior design slowly grew from the chocolate brand itself, their story - NelleUlla “chocolate from the forest”. These ‘chocolate treasures’ required to be placed in the right frame. So, not before long the idea of chocolate jewellery store was born, it had to be inviting and cosy - chocolate boutique. So the overall interior concept is a modern and cosy space, where the product is the crown jewel.

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ID 335 Reinis Liepiņš, Berta Lerhe

Reconstruction of restaurant premises

Restaurant is located in the 20th century Art Nouveau building – 1st, 2nd and basement floors.
Interior of 2nd floor restaurant halls is created by synthesis of aesthetics of historical building by Eižens Laube and contemporary interpretation of Sikh culture, avoiding use of pseudo etnographical elements. By contrast, the 1st floor hall is the former restaurant's interior (author - "Silver architecture") reconstruction.

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ID 260 Anda Andžāne, Ēriks Karlsons, piedaloties Ilzei Desainei, Jānim Kaimiņam


Restaurant "INIZIO" is located in the center of Berlin, the exclusive hotel district.
Translated from Italian - time or beginning. Interior design developed based on contrasting
shades and industrial environment inherent robustness, which is dominated by
valuable and high-quality finishing materials, ensuring longevity.
Used interior objects are created masterpieces of excellent designers,
which gives the restaurant the visibility and status. Total area : 209.9 m2

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ID 256 Anita Grase

Apartment at Bukultu channel

The two floors apartment situated by the Jugla channel is in light colours, slightly romantic and functional to serve as a harmonic, comfortable and aesthetic home for the both owners. Emotionally the apartment is created for the needs of two different tempers and life philosophies. Bold colours and shape solutions are balanced with femininely elegant tones. The plan of the apartment is kept balanced, using even the communication shafts to fit the necessary equipment of the household. The open plan of the living room is optically separated, leaving the staircase and kitchen behind the TV wal

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ID 254 "Lauders Architecture" Rita Laudere, Kārlis Lauders

Dental Clinic Interior in Gertrudes Street 59A

The original 19th century bricks were reused in the new building's facade which subtle clayish hues help to harmonise the new building with its environment. The interior is done in light, comforting colours, using textures of warm oak. The main element in the entry hall is the receptionist's desk which is joined to the stairway leading up to the second floor. Atrium is illuminating both the second floor and the vestibule and also makes the room seem more spacious. In dental cabinets a large cupboard occupies an entire corner of the room – used to store everything a dentist might need.

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ID 208 Miks Bērziņš

Freddie Mercury

FREDDIE MERCURY business permises interior and lighting Project
The feeling is always created by the people, the happenings, atmosphere is something hard to define and visualize, however the variety of spaces in one open space gives lots of space for atmosphere, with different cieling heights and area dimensions, exposed wood construction all around, bright colors and on and on. The use of materials is limited to copper, glass, wood, concrete with matt white or black walls displaying some wall art in certain areas, keeping it simple creating a good blank canvas for well being.

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ID 204 Nora Gavare

Office Interior design for company "Aukstuma Serviss"

Office is located in unusual place – at the first floor of a private house with separate entrance and garden. The project task was to create personalized interior components and functionality. Main furniture and light objects are custom made with clear functionality and symbolic, which represents the philosophy of the company.
Natural materials like: wooden floors, wooden blinds and plywood are used to create a settle transition from exterior to interior. Supporting materials: plastic, metal and glass are used to underline the contrast effect.

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ID 181 Dizainere-arhitekte Anda Ozoliņa

Restaurant "VAIRAK SAULES"

"Vairak Saules" is restaurant chain, providing friendly place for anybody who likes to enjoy cosy environment and broad variety of food. The concept of interior was challenged by fact that this specific new location was too industrial (historical Water Tower), comparing with other restaurants of "Vairak Saules". To balance between these two contradicting triggers- "cosy" and "industrial", the concept of this interior managed to respect historical industrial construction and in the same time gain modern and cosy environment.

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ID 177 Darja Tjagnirjadko

Apartment Alice Street

Two room apartment area is 32 square meters. The apartment is fully and functionally furnished and very comfortable. Equipped kitchen with all necessary appliances, bedroom with a bed and a large built-in closet, living room with TV and sofa (it can be used as occassional berth), hallway, large bathroom with shower and washing machine. Earlier peculiarities like brickwork and antique furniture ar used in the interior.

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ID 172 Vīva Ieviņa

French Institute in Latvia interiors of language centre

French Institute of Latvian language courses room interiors (Elizabeth 59, Riga) was restored. Rooms very intensive, mainly children and young people, the interior nature is the French color sense-based, active and cheerful.
It was changed layout, made cosmetic repairs, improved acoustics. Rooms got new ceilings in the lobby part of decorative painted door, new billboards, crisp acoustic panels, developed by the author after the famous French artist Matisse work motifs, new furniture and lighting solutions.

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