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(LV) GBD 2014 iesniegto darbu galerija

NK 78 Ieva Dāboliņa

The doll LIENĪTE

LIENĪTE is a textile souvener doll – the element of interior. The doll is sewn of linen fabric and filled with the linen seeds and wool. LIENĪTE has long woolen plaits, linen shirt with a amber broche, linen or woolen ethnographical scirt and embroidered „flower” crown. The linnen seeds’ filling keeps it standing and it is pleasure to touch, squeese and toss it to get rid of the stress. You can use it also as the ring keeper. The doll is hand-made souvener already prooved itself in Latvian souveneer market.


22 cm


Ilgvars Gradovskis

Author contacts:

Author(s): Ieva Dāboliņa
Author's e-mail: ievadabolina@gmail.com
Author's company: SIA Latvieūs lietas
Author's website: http://www.latvjulietas.lv

Teacher (for school competition):



Client's name: Ieva Dāboliņa