(LV) GBD 2014 iesniegto darbu galerija

NK 159 Auce Turkova

Candy loaf

The concept of the candy loaf is based on the value of Latvian national culture- rye bread, which is also included in the Latvian Culture canon.
For generations rye bread has been one of the main dishes, that is why it still today is one of the symbols of Latvia. Depending on this symbol's presentable characteristics, three candy shape modules have been made- white bread, sour bread, and rye bread.
This set of candies, which is made out of white, milk, and dark chocolate, its eaters successfully introduces with, perhaps, the most stable tradition of Latvian nation.

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NK 151 Lolita Katkovska, Aiva Bumbure


Riga - cultural Metropolitan outskirts of Europe, a transit point between East and West, a city with a rich cultural tradition, wooden buildings, Art Nouveau architecture and so on.
Luggage mark as a symbol of memory Rīgu- Capital of Culture in 2014, the magic is hard to resist.
Luggage mark not only the property call sign, but also the city's most important sites and information sites preserver and a reminder of experienced and suffered.

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NK 138 Lita Ābeltiņa

Latvian symbol soap

Latvian Folk symbol soap is a set of 12 round-depth Latvian Folk symbol designed piece of soap. It is used in traditional Latvian Folk symbols: Auseklis-Rīta zvaigzne, Austras koks, Dieva sign, Jumis, Laima, Māras Cross, Mēnes sign, Ozola sign -Akas sign, Saules sign, Firecross, Ūsiņš, Zalktis .As follows piece of soap is not only a nice souvenir but also practically applicable product and its user can get all the characters who have long known the power Latvian Folk people. This product can be used as a set or as individual items.Soap created in 2014 June.

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NK 125 Baiba Lindāne


Latvian GROUND FORCE fed people and gave an opportunity to make the necessary household items. Nowadays, it has remained as strong craft traditions and organic farming. Latvian food serving set - souvenir GROUND FORCE was created by bringing together this cultural heritage. It is composed of three dishes, which are made after the currently most popular craft traditions and made from in Latvia found raw materials: clay pottery bowl, braided wicker pot and wooden stave. These containers can be served with Latvian region-specific food - bread, hemp butter, cottage cheese and honey.

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NK 117 Jasmīna Grase

Bread of Baltics

Bread of Baltics is an honorable stage for bread to rest and be eaten from on the table. The set includes a walnut cutting board, bread knife, and serving plates. Traditional Baltic mythology sign “broom of luck” is used as a design signature in this set. Cut out “broom of luck” signs reveal stainless steel under layer of the cutting board, but the knife is designed to match it in its simplicity. Bread of Baltics is treated to be water and food safe. Movie about the project: https://vimeo.com/68915681

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NK 114 Grafiskais un konceptuālais dizains: Anna Orniņa / ideja un realizācija: Baiba Altena

Exciting potato battles for two players POTATO

This game is known in many countries, mostly by name Battleship. Latvian children play both Battleship and Potato. Potatoes where brought in Latvia from Hamburg by Jacob Kettler — Baltic German Duke of the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia in 1673. Since then potato harvesting has been an integral part of autumn harvesting tradition. This game Potato battle is dedicated to this valuable vegetable that has been brought from overseas and served as main staple in many families. Content: Two paper blocks with two game grids on every page; two pencils; winners medal “Sarauj, Latvija!”

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NK 107 Anna Žūriņa un Ilze Žūriņa

Collection of leather necklaces "Kurzeme"

Collection of leather necklaces „Kurzeme” (2014) is designed, using motives from South Kurzeme national costume ornaments. Contemporary leather accessories might be used as accents for different clothes. Leather collars are made in applique technique using different shades of gold and silver leather and decorated with glass beads embroidery. Necklace is closed in the back with metal fastening in gold.

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NK 79 Māra Maižele

Scense. Initiators of Senses.

Latvian people are strongly connected to nature. Collecting and using herbs in daily life is part of Latvian cultural identity. Initiators of senses are made of natural ingredients and Latvian herbs. They are made from six herbs (camomile, pine needles, pine buds, catmint, valerian, parsley) with possibility to add more herbs. Use for inhalations to stimulate memories and evoke positive emotions such as joy, peace and comfort.

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NK 78 Ieva Dāboliņa

The doll LIENĪTE

LIENĪTE is a textile souvener doll – the element of interior. The doll is sewn of linen fabric and filled with the linen seeds and wool. LIENĪTE has long woolen plaits, linen shirt with a amber broche, linen or woolen ethnographical scirt and embroidered „flower” crown. The linnen seeds’ filling keeps it standing and it is pleasure to touch, squeese and toss it to get rid of the stress. You can use it also as the ring keeper. The doll is hand-made souvener already prooved itself in Latvian souveneer market.

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NK 15 Svetlana Budzina

Natural linen shoulder bags

Shoulder bags, decorated with traditional Latvian strength signs, are a functional interpretation of Latvian folklore heritage, which can be personalized with a unique print.
The bags are practical and handy for carrying various items in your everyday activities, as well as while on the road and heading to a concert or other open-air events that are integral part of Latvian culture.
The bag has one large lined compartment with a zipper and one outer compartment with a pushbutton clasp. Bags will suit children of all ages and adults, as the strap is adjustable.

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NK 13 Karina Ķelle


Milkpattern is a shirt series with a graphic of Latvian folk texts that is printed with milk. Milk as one of the most important products and symbols in Latvian culture appears on a shirt physically as a paint that can be touched, as well as a symbol in folk texts.
Folk texts are used on shirts in a modern way – using milk color changing property user is given an opportunity to create a personalized shirt graphics - creating their own stories from folk texts. Treating some words with heat, they result in brown color while other words stay in milk color - white.

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NK 2 Karola Rubene

Latvian ornaments today

I started to draw latvian ornaments inspired by Julijs Madernieks and Julijs Straume life accomplishments. I am interested in it, because I like to see how much knowledge of ancient art, culture is necessary to establish a pattern. J. Madernieks worked more with the Latvian patterns, but J. Straume coped with the oriental culture. I am not trying to follow the color combinations that are typical in ancient patterns, because I want to put a large part of myself in these works. I create composition and ornaments, learning from books-I am trying to understand what is the meaning of each sign.

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