(LV) GBD 2014 iesniegto darbu galerija

GD 156 Andris Vītoliņš un SIA BrandBox


RIGA BLACK BALSAM ELEMENT brand promises an experience of another kind. EXCLUSIVE RIGA BLACK BALSAM ELEMENT LIMITED EDITION gift box is a part of this promise. Design is created by a famous Latvian painter Andris Vītoliņš. Each of 3000 limited edition pieces has a unique number and carries the author’s signature. Original construction, 3 different design papers, special micro emboss, red and silver foils and handmade box are those few elements that come together in impressive unique design.

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GD 133 Maija Rozenfelde

NelleUlla packaging series

NelleUlla - chocolate from the forest. Hence the idea and every detail of the packaging for these truffles and chocolate bars comes from the depths of the forest - symmetry, alternating a wild rhythm. A game between light and dark. This packaging embodies the story of the product, the brand itself and its nature. The mission of this design is to create an experience for the user, so that each successive layer would be like a walk in the woods - full with the unexpected. Black interacting with white, untamed angles playing with pure symmetry, highlighting the magically delicious product.

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GD 95 Linda Rutule


The design of Apple cider package. Combination of classic and nature. Classic design features achieved by the bottle shape and labels, while raw and recycled materials in the outer package reflect the nature. Product outer sleeve designed as a story of the manufacturing process, while the bottle labels display the necessary information about the product. The apple on bottle labels are made as the main symbol which discovers what is in that bottle.

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GD 89 Dace Runča

Eko Iekurs

Packaging label is created to brand school pupil summer business product to highlight the simple and organic product to improve the living - a cone. The sticker can be applied to various kinds of easy accessible standard packaging - bags, folders, boxes. Sticker is both – a bussines card (taking the scissors to cut of) and packaging safety flip (to cover package opening edge). Simple and concise manner, starting from a small firebird image (have to be feed with cones) in the logo till clean graphics and concise color palette.

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GD 88 Dace Runča

Kalnu Medus

The packaging has been developed for high quality honey, which has been collected respecting the bees, with love towards the product and its consumers. The design created is as simple, minimalistic and clear as possible - consistent with the essence of the product. The design is based on the beekeeper's logotype - playing around with it on the edges of the label.The product label's protective seal displays the honey producer's name, which ensures the excellent quality of the product. The top part of the label's seal displays the symbol of the Sun, which consists of 6 stylised honeycombs.

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GD 76 Arsenijs Paņkovs


A home page/online shop for the T−shirts` design and silkscreen printing studio `ZHABRA` is created in order to be easy to use, easy to understand, and as well as to show ideas of the studio, broad capabilities and creative solutions for T−shirts` printing.
Wallpaper designed in a restrained style in order to highlight the main subject, as well as there is created a handy tool for every T−shirt graphic images to make it possible to enlarge and explore every printing detail. T−shirts are grouped into collections.

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GD 69 Anitra Eglīte - Poikāne

Logotype for farming business ''Ogu dārzs''

The logotype was made for a farming business, Ogu dārzs, engaged in growing, processing and selling blueberries, strawberries and ground cherries.
A main version of the logotype has been designed, as well as three additional versions for individual berry products. In each of these additional versions, the particular berry is painted in its natural colour which helps to associate logo with the actual appearance, taste and smell of the berry.

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GD 68 Ēriks Lapiņš

Riga Black Vodka 2014 limited edition box

From the legendary cellars to Art Nouveau roofs – the European cultural capital 2014 Riga is a never-ending source of inspiration and joy. The Riga Black Vodka package is made as a reference to the one of Riga’s pride – Art Nouveau architecture.
RIGA BLACK VODKA boxing turns an exquisite drink into a fine souvenire reminding of Jugend style, which is so typical of beautiful Riga. You literally can feel the Jugend style ornament on your fingertips. All the boxing elements are lacquered and decorated with silver foil proving that a special drink requires an especially luxurious packaging.

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GD 66 Dizaineris: Orians Anvari; Izstrādātājs: SIA Tilde

Mobile cultural tour guide Letonika Ceļo

Letonika Ceļo leads to all of its highlighted destination points in Latvia and explains what makes them special. Beneficial for anybody traveling through Latvia to experience cultural heritage, geography, nature, and history.
The following features are organically integrated into the application's graphic design:
more than 2,000 destination points and 60 routes with photos and descriptions;
interactive map, path to the chosen location on the map; closest destination points and routes; the possibility to create your own route;
the option to share travel information in social networks.

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GD 63 Dizaina birojs H2E - Ingūna Elere, Tatjana Raičiņeca

The design of the Cabinet of Ministers award

The visual identity of the awards is based on the Freedom Monument. The awards – The Cabinet of Ministers Honorary Diploma, Diploma and Appreciation letter - have been given a symbolic meaning, employing 3 characters of the Freedom Monument – Mother Latvia, Bearslayer and Freedom. These characters mirror the essence and values of the awards. Taking in mind the significance of the awards, an “intelligent'' paper (non-glossy, resistant) is used; white tone symbolizes honour against the award recipients. The fundamentals of design – artistic worth, conceptual foundation, ageless value.

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GD 57 Kaspars Spunde un Guntis Gvozdevs

Ligatnes beer packaging (labels)

Ligatnes alus (Ligatne Beer) factory is small brewery founded in 2014 with aim to produce high quality ale type craft beer. According to the name - Ligatne, the central simbol of the logotype is stylized town's cave structures in the shape of a beer bottle. This aspect is also used as wordplay (in Latvian) in slogan: beer from the city of caves.
Ligatne's famous sightseeing objects are used in labels as illustration. Style of labels reminds of old good times of the town, and there are few colors used to accent craft beer sense. Used 'technical' font is reverence to the old industrial town.

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GD 12 Marta Gintere

Packaging design proposal for the cosmetics line "Restoring", "Dzintars" Ltd.

As a result of a collaboration with Dzintars Ltd, a packaging design proposal has been formed for the company's new line - Restoring. The main feature of this product is that it addresses both internal and external signs of aging. This is achieved by using the main component of the product line – Kombuchka. The visual nature of Kombucha’s micro world is very beautiful - there is a notion of landscapes made of organisms that are visible in the shapes of various dots and tubes. This visual language is taken as a basis of the packaging design project for the anti - ageing product line Restoring.

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GD 9 Grafiskais dizains– Artis Tauriņš, Inga Karlštrēma, Oskars Redbergs

Grāmata „Mūsdienu kultūras stāvokļi / Conditions for Contemporary culture. Riga”

TEXT AND PHOTOGRAPHY ESSAYS BY 20 REMARKABLE NORTHERN EUROPEAN AUTHORS IN A BOOK DEVOTED TO RIGA. Riga as European Cultural Capital 2014 - analytical guide into urban culture. The book Conditions for Contemporary Culture. Riga tries to identify and analyze the conditions underlying the development of contemporary culture and civic society. Graphical design – Artis Tauriņš, Inga Karlštrēma, Oskars Redbergs, printing - house – „Livonia Print”, Publisher – “Megaphone Publishers”, Editors – Oskars Redbergs, Inga Karlštrēma.

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