(LV) Augstskolu konkursa Dizaina arēna 2019 galerija

LD 925 Anastasija Ribaka

Modular Furniture for Children

The product «Luni» consists of modular poufs and metal frame, which can be used upside down as table. The chair is suitable for children, teenagers and also adults. The table is suitable for children aged 4-6 and can also be used as a coffee table. The kit includes extra eco-leather elements: eyes and figures that can be loosely attached anywhere allowing a child to express creatively in such way adding the character and emotions of the poufs. Dimensions: 840x640 mm, height 641 mm.

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LD 924 Meldere Vaira Monta

Accessory for Improving Children's Concentration Capacity

Colection "KOSMOSS" aim is helping kids with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to focus. Colection author did that creating pendant colection with moving parts, wich helps kids to concentrate and dosn't interfere learning proces. Product can be used in every everyday situation and environments. Pendant is made of bioplastic (PLA) and silicone, wich is harmless when it's in contact with skin or saliva. Pendant sizes: cosmos ship 43x90x15 mm, cosmos boat 36x70x18 mm, alien 38x70x13 mm, rocket 47x80x12 mm.

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LD 923 Madara Ārente

Reciklēta džinsa kompozītmateriāla lietojums

The amount of waste worldwide increases daily and undeniably pollutes the environment. In this work, a second chance is given to jeans (denim fabric), from which panels are made, creating a modular message board. The product is used to organize notes, reminders, photographs, and various messages, both in the working environment and at home. The panels are available in three different shapes. One module size: 200 x 170 x 20 mm. This material can be used in many applications, easily created in different forms. The material attracts with its unusual visual form, texture and the message about the reuse of resources.

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LD 922 Vineta Haritonova

Container for Coffee-grounds Presevation

The coffee grounds are a valuable biological material which starts to mold quite quickly and has a short life span. Therefore there was developed a container to prevent mold by providing free air access to the mass of stored thicknesses. The recommended storage environment – a refrigerator + 4 ° C. The product is made of stainless steel by offering convenient heat treatment, to prepare used coffee grounds for further use or storage. Overall dimensions of the product: 100x130 mm. The storage container (sieve) capacity: 550 ml.

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LD 899 Kristaps Zvirgzds

Bedroom Interior Accessories "Usma"

Collection "USMA" consists of four products - a hand mirror (230 x 172 x 8 mm), jewellery box (232 x 174 x 60 mm), desk mirror (800 x 556 x 12 mm) and clothing rack (1368 x 514 x 358 mm).
Products are manufactered using four materials - ash tree lumber, steel sheets, medium density fibrewood and mirror. The most important kink for the products is their manufacturing efficiency - automatization of part production, low amount of waste material and short production time.

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LD 898 Renāte Raubišķe

Storage System for Vinyl Record Player and Accessories

In recent years, vinyl records are experiencing their second rebirth. They require special and careful storage to prevent loss of sound quality in the music recording, which is why furniture for proper storage and placement of vinyl records is being designed, including space for the player, sound amplifier, necessary cleaning products and other user-important accessories. The storage system is made of MDF with high mechanical strength and good vibration and sound damping properties. Overall dimensions of the storage system: 1072x540x950 mm

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LD 895 Alise Rūja

Modular Backpack for Traditional Costume Equipment

The modular backpack "LAIMROTA" is made for traditional costume equipment and accessories. The target audience is female folk dancers.
Consisting of four modular elements, united by a zipper, the bag's purpose is to keep the accessories inside the compartment safe during the transportation process. Modular system allows users to create a bag based on their individual needs for the exact moment. All elements (in height of 60; 80; 100 and 120 millimeters) in use makes the total height of the bag - 400 mm.
The backpack straps are made to be transformed into a handle so the bag can be worn as a shoulder bag as well.
The bag is made out of felt and leather.

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LD 894 Tatjana Kolomenčikova

Food Preparation Set ''Tidy''

Set consists of a large, durable and stable solid wood cutting board with a juice groove (406x250x16 mm), a spacious tray (400x220x37 mm) and four containers of two different shapes and sizes made of recycled polypropylene for the temporary storage of not sliced and sliced products as well as unnecessary components before a further meal preparation. The food preparation set «Tidy» is available in three variants: a cutting board made of beech, walnut or ash, in combination with four containers of different matching tones.

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LD 892 Marta Hohlova


Lamp with glass dome, that ha been made in blown glass technique. I wanted this dome to create free, uncertain and fluid effect, which would be carried out only in one copy. The idea was to create functional design object from two materials, so materials don't cover each other up and all details and nuances would be seen through. Also light added create light and shadow play. Combining all the listed properties an object was made, that works as interior element, functional lamp and a shelf for small things.

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LD 880 Līga Klodāne - Dunda

Stage costumes for the elementary school vocal ensemble

The idea of stage clothing for Elementary schools vocal ensemble is based on composition elements such as harmony in form, silhouette, texture and colors. Simple geometric shapes, trapezoids and square silhouettes dominate as they are able to provide freedom of movement that is especially important for performance on the stage. Bright colors and a range of contrasting tones complement the image of the group. The texture of the details created by lace is used as an accent and gives the image a romantic feel. Surface material- polyester with elastane.
Collection includes 15 pieces of clothing - 12 dresses for girls (3 basic models) and 3 vests for boys.
The clothing reveals the essence and the identity of the collective as well as enhances function, it is comfortable and age appropriate.

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LD 877 Inese Dembovska

Outerwear collection "Dot over i"

The challenge is to make the garment functional yet attractive, for example, reflective clothing which is good for people's safety during the dark hours of the day, but also a beautiful piece to wear.
Reflective synthetic material into jackets is combined with a natural wool fabric. The source of inspiration for the functional decorative elements of outerwear is the thistle and its peculiar flowers found which.
The color palette mainly using the nuances of neutral colors.
The shapes of outerwear and decorative functional elements are geometric, mainly in the form of a circle as a point shape in various ways. Five women's outerwear samples (short and long jackets, and waistcoats) and accessories (purse and bracelets) is the outfit in which to feel comfortable, warm, safe and attractive.

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LD 876 Ilze Mežinska

Luminaire “SOLAR SYSTEM”

In the course of the realization of the digital art project "European Connections in Digital Arts - EUCIDA" luminaire “Solar System” was developed. The Solar System is the gravitationally bound planetary system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it. Of the objects that orbit the Sun directly, the largest are the eight planets. The design of the luminaire includes the interplay of the planets in the universe, creating a modern interpretation of the Solar System. Object is made out of laser cut black acrylic glass (3 mm) details, birch plywood is selected for the base.

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LD 830 Zelma Kačkāne

Ribbon dress - Cellule

During Grant project in Rezekne academy of Technologies, was developed the visual image and construction of the dresēs which was influenced by its history development and contemporary clothing trends. A fitting part of the top that highlights a woman's figure and posture. The sun-cut skirt make the skirt flutter and to move along the woman's pace, creating a world around her. The X-shaped silhouette gives to woman the ideal shape to be elegant and self-confident. Black colour fabric provides the multifunctional use of the ribbon dress and the 3D print creates a lightning play in the costume giving it a unique design.

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LD 829 Everita Žuka

Light object "GEOMETRIC 22"

During the implementation of realization of the digital art project " European Connections in Digital Arts - EUCIDA" the "GEOMETRICAL 22" - light object was created. The floor lamp is made from 4 mm thick black organic glass details, and its straight line parts from a mixture of different light moon patterns, looking at the lamp at different angles. Vertical details of the light object can be transformed for the individual taste.

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LD 821 Vineta Jogure

Light object: „IN THE SIGN OF LAIMA”

The light object was created within the digital art project “European Connections in Digital Arts – EUCIDA”. “Laimas slotiņa” in Latvian culture is considered to be one of the oldest signs, which symbolically transfers happiness and good success to the objects where it is depicted. The light object creates a cozy atmosphere in the interior: adjusting its variable colour and brightness according to the room.
Materials: 3mm veneer and 3mm acrylic sheets, laser cutting.
Lighting: multicoloured LED RGB.
Size: 1520 x 300mm.

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LD 809 Zaiga Protizāne

Light object "Moment for yourself"

In the course of the realization of the digital art project "European Connections in Digital Arts - EUCIDA" luminaire "Moment for yourself" was developed. The lamp is intended for the public interior, which is made within the diploma project. The light object is made of transparent, matt organic glass (3mm), allowing it to fit into any interior space. The light object also functions as a coffee table. Function: Floor lamp. Work size: ⌀490 x 720 mm.

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LD 803 Santa Cabuļeva

lIght object "Light in the window"

In the course of the realization of the digital art project "European Connections in Digital Arts - EUCIDA" was developed a light object “Light in the window”. The lamp is intended for the public interior, which is made within the diploma project. Simple lines and geometric shapes are components of Scandinavian style, but the most important element of Scandinavian interior is lighting, because light is a source of energy. The light body is made of black organic glass (4 mm), In Scandinavian design black tone is used as accent.

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