(LV) GBD 2015 Augstskolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija

GD 295 Artjoms Berjoza

Acid house

Irvine Welch book – „Acid house” – layout and illustrations are designed in pop surrealist style. Metaphoric and surreal stories of Welch about margonised people society have successfully incorporated in pop surreal style. The dialogs and visions of the book’s characters are influenced by drugs. That dives a perfect reference point for illustration image making. It was decided to make conceptual illustration images because the book doesn’t have connection in plot of individual stories.

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GD 278 Ieva Suta

Packaging design and graphics for Boot Jack

Project assignment is to create package and graphic identity (label, brochure, postcard, blank), inspiring by product origin and tells about Peter the Great and stylistic features at that time and interpreting royal luxury. Label and the rest of informative material are made as a separate unit, which can be edited or translated, without damaging the package. Using black and white tones, calligraphy, stamp, recycled paper and envelope format, antique and royal feeling has been made in graphics.

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