(LV) GBD 2015 Augstskolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija

RD 394 Airita Vīksna

"RectAngle "Clock

Inspired by the rectangular forms typical in functionalism style, a design of a clock was created. The base was made out of organic glass using the year’s most topical tone ‘’Marsala’’ , but the white-toned upper layer was milled from plastic.

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RD 348 Maija Goba

A group of multifunctional subjects – an object “GREETINGS TO GUSTAV KLUCIS (LOG)” (Hello, Gustav!)

Throughout the Gustav times a WORD had a great power. Now they are very, even too many that we can’t distinguish the right ones from chaff. Not to get confused in this information overload, we should be able to filter – to skip through the sieve (colander).
At that time Gustav and his contemporaries tried to haste TIME. Currently it has achieved such speed that it cannot be stopped.
As well nowadays words – a WORD and TIME – they fit together compactly.

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RD 347 Diāna Poševa

Functionally decorative object - clock "Future rhythms"

Functionally decorative object - the clock was drafted within diploma project for Balvi children and youth centre. The clock was developed and inspired by the architect Zaha Hadid's flowing, wavy shapes. Irregular shapes, flowing and wavy lines, and rounded corners give an impression of endless waves, which takes art lovers in another reality. Decorative clock uses transparent plastic, milk white plastic and adhesive tape. Functionally decorative object was made by the company - SIA "Zeize".

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RD 346 Ilze Kukule

Functionally decorative object – clock „Graphic value”

Developing the interior design for the Ltd. projecting office "Austrumi" and inspired by the graphical elements were developed a functionally decorative object - clock, using elements such as line, shape, area and colour. Graphically decorative clock relates with the common interior and is produced from milk-white plastic in company "Zeize".

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