(LV) GBD 2015 Augstskolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija

ID 242 Mārīte Elksne

Soviet-era architecture and its adaptation of buildings to modern trends

Projected object located in Krustiņi, Inčukalns municipality, on the Pine River. Private house built in Soviet time, which was a determining factor in the choice of Interior stylistic. Home interior furnishings of the Soviet style, choose specific aura, harmony and peace with the sophisticated and geometric accents. The Interior will be generally based on texture and coloration of the various planes. The accent comes with 60-70 years rivaled the match wallpapers some wall planes. Interior adds to the feel of a Soviet style - specific light fixtures.

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ID 218 Diāna Opincāne

Fusion style as a solution for flat's interior design

The two-bedroom apartment that is being designed is localted in Rezekne. The total area of the apartment is 91.54 m2. It is occupied by a two-person family. As decorations of the interior fusion style features are chosen,that are characterized by simplicity with the bohemian lux. By combining the modern and the antique furniture selection,comfort and elegance is achieved within the interior. Eclectic use of differetnt textures and materials makes a combined,eye-catching warm shades of grey solution-ashen wooden flooring,textiles,skipjack and Victorian ornament wallpaper,snake skin immitation.

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