(LV) GBD 2015 Augstskolu konkursa iesniegto darbu galerija

ID 393 Airita Vīksna

Traits of functionalism in interior design solution for vocational center

Interior design has been developed for vocational centre „Austrumi”. The interior project has been realized for three rooms on the first floor- conference hall, computer lab and lobby area. The total area used for the project is 256,24 m2. The design concept is based on use of geometric forms typical to functionalism style in interior. The environment of vocational centre is ergonomic and functional due to positioning of acoustic panels and furniture. Popular tones of 2015 – Marsala and Blue Paisley –dominate in the interior of vocational centre.

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ID 329 Elvīra Trizna

Office interior design for productive working environment

The interior developed in this project is for enterprise "SIA TERMINAL T2" pass office first floor premises The enterprise is located in Riga Free Port teritory, wich was one of the main factor in development of this office interior project. Because office is close to water, colours and materials of the office interior is chosen in blue water tones. Substructure of the office interior project is to provide productive working enviroment. Office interior project has been developed by taking in maind 2015 office, material and colour trend.

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ID 298 Anna Skaba

The private music school’s interior and its role in ensurance of learning environment quality

The projected building is located in Rezekne, Krišjāņa Valdemāra street 5. Master's work includes Zanes Ludboržas private music schools (ZLPM) room interior design. In designing the Interior of the project, it was noted that the music school room serves as a learning and working environment, which should be clear and should try to meet the individual needs of users. The main interior idea is to create a people pleasing associations. The Interior would be like '' business card '', part of the total image of music school, it adds to the appearance, the added value of the school.

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ID 292 Zelma Kačkāne

Scandinavian elements of design in a house of crafts "Colonka" interior solutions

Elaborated interior of the diploma project is designed for a house of crafts "Colonka". The designed object is located Lejas Ancupani, Veremu pag., Rezeknes nov. Studying the designed object`s current situation and evaluating the customer`s wishes, was developed, where Scandinavian design characteristics are being combined, Latgalian traditional buildings' values and modern day technologies.

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ID 244 Diāna Apele

The Culture House of Rezekne City National Societies – a Sample of Stalin’s Architecture in Latvia

The master paper consists of an introduction, hour’s chapters with subchapters, conclusions and appendixes. The first chapter summarizes and analyses the information about Stalin’s architecture in the Soviet Union. The second chapter deals with the construction processes in Rezekne City in the 1950’s and provides the historical assessment of the Culture House of National Societies. The third chapter analyses the results of the survey of experts. The fourth chapter focuses on the development and analysis of the interior design in the Culture House of Rezekne City National Societies.

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ID 242 Mārīte Elksne

Soviet-era architecture and its adaptation of buildings to modern trends

Projected object located in Krustiņi, Inčukalns municipality, on the Pine River. Private house built in Soviet time, which was a determining factor in the choice of Interior stylistic. Home interior furnishings of the Soviet style, choose specific aura, harmony and peace with the sophisticated and geometric accents. The Interior will be generally based on texture and coloration of the various planes. The accent comes with 60-70 years rivaled the match wallpapers some wall planes. Interior adds to the feel of a Soviet style - specific light fixtures.

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ID 233 Diāna Poševa

The creative work of an architect Zaha Hadid - the source of inspiration for the children and youth centre interior design solution

This interior design was developed for the children and youth centre, inspired by the architect Zaha Hadid's creative activity in the field of design. The main decorative element and the source of inspiration was flowing, wavy shape pattern that repeats in several interior design elements: the decorative surface of the built-in closet, the floor of foyer, the glass panel, the sliding glass doors, the furniture, some lighting fixtures and the functional decorative object - the clock that makes rooms more creative and interesting for young people.

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ID 232 Ilze Kukule

Interior design solution of graphical elements by the projecting office „Austrumi”

Elaborated interior of the diploma project is designed for the Ltd. projecting office "Austrumi". The designed object is located in Rezekne, November 18th street, Nr. 16. Studying the designed object`s current situation and evaluating the customer`s wishes, was developed a concept based on the graphical elements. In the Ltd. projecting office "Austrumi" mostly works architects, thereby the author offers graphical wall drawing typical of this profession.

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ID 229 Jūlija Gamuļčika

Interior design’s solution in the foyer of Rezekne Secondary School Nr.2

The object is located in Rezekne on Darzu Street 17, in Rezekne Secondary School Nr.2. The building was constructed in the time of Stalin’s cult in 1956. During the project the school foyer with the zone of person of duty, cloakroom and small passage were designed. The design of a foyer is like a visiting card, the function of which is to represent, that is why in the interior of the foyer the luxury architectonic elements of Stalinism architecture were preserved, and they were supplemented with demands of nowadays comfort, actual tendencies in interior.

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ID 218 Diāna Opincāne

Fusion style as a solution for flat's interior design

The two-bedroom apartment that is being designed is localted in Rezekne. The total area of the apartment is 91.54 m2. It is occupied by a two-person family. As decorations of the interior fusion style features are chosen,that are characterized by simplicity with the bohemian lux. By combining the modern and the antique furniture selection,comfort and elegance is achieved within the interior. Eclectic use of differetnt textures and materials makes a combined,eye-catching warm shades of grey solution-ashen wooden flooring,textiles,skipjack and Victorian ornament wallpaper,snake skin immitation.

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