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Design.Experience.Challenges 2018


The annual Design Research and Education Conference took place on October 18, 2018 in the Portrait Hall of the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

The conference was organized by the Latvian Designers’ Society in cooperation with the Rezekne Academy of Technologies and the Latvian Academy of Sciences.

The theme of the conference was

Design has changed over centuries to become multi-disciplinary through the merging of individual design fields, as well as through the division of basic disciplines into several branches that are connected to new theories, technologies and societal needs. Today design can be viewed as a part of or unifying element between various branches of economy.

By accepting coexistence of different design concepts, the aim of the conference is to provide a platform for researchers from various industries and professionals to share experience and knowledge not only in the traditional design disciplines, but also including a broad range of social, economic, political, historical, educational, philosophical, scientific and technological issues related to the design and its impact on the professional and educational environment.

The aim of the event was to gather experience and opinions, to search for answers to the actual questions of the design industry and education, to listen, understand and to learn.

Conference program

10.00 -10.10 Opening of the conference
Part I. Past Simple
Learning from history. Latvian Design Icons Before and After the 2nd World War
10.10 -10.30 VEF Minox. People. Stories.Memories. Janis Berzins story.

Speaker: Dace Kaprane, VEF History Museum

10.40 -11.00 The trends of the development of VEF radio receivers in the 30s of the last century

Speaker: Ilmars Slaidins, Riga Technical University

Part II. Present continuous

Learning from the present. Design Industry in the Context of Design Education in Latvia

11.10 -11.30 Design education in Latvia

Speaker: Andra IrbiteLatvian Designer’s Society, University of Latvia

11.40 -12.00 Photography. An unnoticed challenge

Speaker: Vilnis AuzinsLatvian Designer’s Society

12.10 -12.30 Video Game Design and Serious Games

Speaker: Imants ZaremboRezekne Academy of Technologies

12.40-13.00 Coffee break: Food and Design
13.00-13.05 Welcome address by Ojars Sparitis, President of of the Latvian Academy of Sciences
13.05 – 13.30 Designing the taste in cold desserts.

Speaker: Karlis Agris Gross, Bliss Gelato; Leading Researcher of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, Riga Technical University

Part III. Future Perfect Continuous
Learning From The New Normal. Seminar/discussion Systems Gammar 
13.30 -16.00 Themes and Speakers:

1. The importance of cooperation. Studies at the  Pratt Institute.

Speakers: Rudolfs Strelis and Maija Rozenfelde

2. School as an antenna. 10 good behavior notes. DAE.
Speaker: Sarmite Polakova

3. “Uncomfortable is good”. Design education in Hong Kong.

Speaker: Nora Gavare

4. Shaping Colour.

Speaker: Germans Ermics

5. “Matter to Matter”.

Speaker: Arturs Analts

16.00 Closing the conference

Follow these links below to see presentations of participants of the 3rd part of the Conference

Ojars Sparitis, President of of the Latvian Academy of Science

Karlis Agis Gross “Designing the taste in cold desserts”

Maija Rozenfelde and Rudolfs Strelis I “The importance of cooperation. Studies at the  Pratt Institute”

Maija Rozenfelde and Rudolfs Strelis II “The importance of cooperation. Studies at the  Pratt Institute”

Sarmīte Polakova I “School as an antenna. 10 good behavior notes. DAE.”

Sarmite Polakova IISchool as an antenna. 10 good behavior notes. DAE.”

Nora Gavare “Uncomfortable is good”. Design education in Hong Kong.

Germans Ermics “Shaping Colour”

Arturs Analts “Matter to Matter”

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